Mrs. Johnson-Arnett's Class

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Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Johnson-Arnett

About Me:

Education: Florida State University – 3 Degrees: B.S., Political Science; B.S., Sociology; M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)

Family: My husband (Alric) and I have two kids. Jordyn (6th grade, at Emerald Cove) and AJ (2nd Grade)

Expectations: I expect you to be on time, respectful, and ready to learn. Together we will make a great team. I’m here for one reason…. You!

Unit 1

Factors and Multiples
Rational Numbers

Unit 2

Operations with Fractions
Operations with Decimals

Unit 3

Representing Ratios and Rates
Applying Ratios and Rates

Unit 4

Generating Equivalent Numerical Expressions
Generating Equivalent Algebraic Expressions

Unit 5

Equations and Relationships
Relationships in Two Variables

Unit 6

Area and Polygons
Distance and Area in the Coordinate Plane
Surface Area and Volume of Solids

Unit 7

Displaying, Analyzing, and Summarizing Statistical Data

Unit 8
(After FSA, 7th Grade Math Preparation)

Adding and Subtracting Integers with Different Signs
Multiplying and Dividing Integers with Different Signs
Rational Numbers
Rates and Proportionality
Proportions and Percent