Ms. Mathews

Ms. Sarah Mathews

6th Grade World History

Word cloud consisting of important history words including: Christianity, conquest, causation, decade, Incas, economics, history, metal-working, torture, king, parliament, present, chronology, Judaism, Pope, sacrifice, peasant, queen, Egypt, Aztecs, nomad, Ghana, prehistory, execution, century, museum, legends, past, ago, AD, monastery, civilizations, traitor, artifact, migration, source, empire, stone, ages, iron, revolt, Islam, continuity, immigrant, global, explorer, democracy, yesterday, gods, Axum, Rome, missionary, interpretation, Mali, local, republic, significance, change, BC, secondary, long, Zimbabwe, calendar, ancient, discovery

​Units of Study
- Methods of Historical Inquiry & Map Skills
- Early Humans
- Mesopotamia
- Ancient Egypt 
- Ancient Israel & The Phoenicians
- Mesoamerican Civilizations
- Ancient Greece
- Ancient Rome
- African Civilizations
- Ancient India
- Ancient China
- Americana: Civics Preview